Monday, 5 October 2015

Let's have some honesty over housing plans

It's interesting to note that among those leading the charge against 365 new houses in Llay at last night's planning committee were a Labour councillor backed the local Labour AM and Labour MP.
 Yet it is the Labour Government in Cardiff that's insisting Wrexham Council gives permission for at least an extra 11,000 houses in the county borough over the coming decade. The very same government in which Lesley Griffiths is a minister.
 And it is Labour AM Ken Skates who is arguing for another 12,000 homes to be built in the area.
 The Labour Government's planning inspectorate rejected the council's Local Development Plan and ordered it to increase the number of houses by 4,000, which explains why the A483 corridor is now being subjected to massive housing developments such as the one in Llay.

 The people of Llay won't be fooled by the contradictions between what politicians say at one level and do on another. Labour has been running Wales for 16 years and have taken the people of Wrexham for granted for far too long. It's time...

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