Friday, 13 November 2015

Keep HMRC jobs in the North - petition launched

Plaid Cymru’s Carrie Harper has launched a petition to keep the tax office in Wrexham open. The move comes after HMRC yesterday announced the closure of all its tax offices, to be replaced with 13 regional centres.
 Just one will remain in Wales - in Cardiff. Staff in North Wales – where almost 400 people were based in Wrexham and Porthmadog - are expected to move to Liverpool.
 Ms Harper said:
“This centralisation will have a devastating effect on the Wrexham economy, which has seen other job losses in recent weeks. There is a high degree of expertise and local knowledge in the Wrexham tax office that will be lost if this closure is allowed to take place.
“It’s clear that HMRC claims that there are alternative jobs available for staff relocating to Liverpool are not, in fact, credible. Uniquely North Wales can provide a Welsh-language service that is well-used and respected.
“I’m therefore calling for a united front with workers, the PCS union, politicians of all colours and the wider community to fight for these jobs. We’re calling on HMRC and the UK Government to re-think its plans, to keep a regional centre in the North and maintain the Welsh-language callcentre here.”

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