Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Complexities of Police Funding

This is an article from Wrexham's Leader newspaper reporting on the North Wales PCC's presentation to Flintshire Council on future cuts and my response to the article.

Dear Editor,

Police Commissioner Winston Roddick paints a rather confusing picture of what the future holds for policing in North Wales (Leader, December 14th). He firstly claims that £8 million of cuts are required in a budget of £140 million over 4 years whilst the latest Police Efficiency Report by the Inspectorate claims that the savings required is £15.5 million... which is right?

The Inspectorate of Constabulary are also critical of the Commissioner, saying that the future policing model for North Wales is not sustainable and requires improvement. It explains why: "The Police and Crime Commissioner is funding the cost of additional police officers from the currently high level of reserves; this is not sustainable."

North Wales Police had reserves of £36 million in 2014/15 but this reduced to £23 million in 2015/16, a reduction in over 33%. This is not prudent financial management and a critical comment from the Inspectorate on 'sustainability' is totally justified.

In the 6 months leading up to the next PCC elections, perhaps this is the type of public relations exercise that we should expect from the incumbent commissioner and it seems that the next Commissioner will have a Liam Byrne-type note on his desk saying ‘sorry, the money’s all gone’.

Councillor Arfon Jones.
Prospective Plaid Cymru Candidate For Police Commissioner.

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