Friday, 15 January 2016

PCC candidate calls on the Police to recharge IGas Energy for cost of policing eviction.

Arfon Jones outside Police HQ Colwyn Bay.

Press Release:

The Plaid Cymru candidate for North Wales Police and Crime Commisioner has called on Cheshire Police to recharge IGas Energy for the cost of policing the eviction of the Anti-Fracking camp at Upton, Chester. He said,

"Three Police Forces were involved in keeping the peace at Upton, (including North Wales), to facilitate the High Court Bailiffs to enforce the possession order and to evict protestors.

There was substantial costs involved in protecting and facilitating a private company to recover their property by a civil order and the company IGas Energy should be recharged the Policing cost"

"Had this operation involved Chester and Wrexham football clubs the clubs would have been recharged so why not IGas?"

"I am also concerned that the Police Service, including North Wales are being used to favour one side over the other, the Police tactics on the day were clearly not impartial and favoured the corporate interests of IGas. The Police are supposed to be there to keep the peace and not to do the work of the bailiffs. Serving people with Dispersal orders and then arresting them for refusing to comply is going way over the top to what the Police should be doing and the Assistant Chief Constable in charge of policing should be held to account by the people of Cheshire."

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Anonymous said...

Mr Arfon Jones is involved in the anti-fracking protests. Therefore one could argue that he is also not being impartial, something he accuses the police of......Having had the misfortune to watch some of the protestors videos, I can quite see why so many police were needed. Protestors at the camp made a great deal about how they were going to resist and creating a 'deadly game of cat and mouse' for bailiffs etc. They were also very verbally abuse and intimidating. So maybe the protestors who created the situation in the first place should be picking up the bill? Forcing a company to pay for issues like this is unfair and would create an environment where competitors could drive their competition out of business amongst other issues. Most of those arrested at the site were not local and were of 'no fixed abode' whilst others laugh about not working or paying tax. One rule of one, and no rules for them.