Monday, 7 March 2016

Plaid Wrecsam meets doctors' leaders to discuss GP crisis

Plaid Cymru members from Wrecsam met with officials of the Royal College of General Practitioners in Wales at the Party of Wales's conference in Llanelli this weekend.

Councillor Arfon Jones, who also chairs Wrexham Community Health Council and who recently arranged the well-attended meeting about the resignation of GP's of the Penymaes Surgery, said:

"We were fortunate to have the Royal College at our conference and their manifesto contains some commonsense policies on how to alleviate the current crisis in primary care.
"For example we heard that it's much more expensive for health boards to run primary care than it is for GP practices, which shows that primary care is underfunded.
"They also call for more support early on for practices under threat of closure as Wales needs 400 GPs. This vacancy rate and lack of resilience justifies Plaid Cymru's calls for 1000 more doctors and 5000 more nurses to meet demand in both the community and our hospitals.
"I have also invited Dr Paul Myers, past chair of the Royal College and a retired Overton GP, to a meeting of the North Wales Community Health Council to share his knowledge and possible solutions to the problems faced by primary care providers in North Wales."

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