Monday, 28 March 2016

Public meetings to oppose thousands of homes on Wrexham's green fields

Public meetings to oppose plans to build thousands of extra homes on green fields and playing pitches across Wrexham are being held next week.

The two meetings - on Wednesday and Thursday - come before the deadline for the Local Development Plan public consultation on April 1st.

The information meetings are being organised by Plaid Cymru, which has consistently opposed plans to build on greenfield sites.

Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru's candidate for Wrexham, said: "The Welsh Government is insisting that Wrexham Council allocates land for 12,000 homes in the borough by 2028. It's the green light for developers to build on playing fields and green fields across the borough rather than ensuring that affordable houses are built on brownfield sites.

"The council's original plan was rejected by the Planning Inspectorate, which insisted on these extra houses. The two biggest sites will basically be commuter estates. The first is 1260 houses planned for Lower Berse Farm between Ruthin Road and Bersham Road just off the A483.

"The second would be for 1500 homes on Ysgol Morgan Llwyd's playing fields and fields surrounding the rugby club down Brynestyn Lane. 

"Our concerns are that these housing allocations are being made because the Welsh Government's population projections are for a 20% increase in the borough's population - far greater than any other part of Wales apart from Cardiff. There is no logic to this.

"The increase in housing would mean the loss of important green space and playing fields. It would also mean greater pressures on our schools, health and other public services at a time of cutbacks. Our hospital can't cope as things stand, imagine how things would be with an extra 30,000 people in the area.

"What this means specifically for Ysgol Morgan Llwyd is a loss of its existing playing fields - at a time when the school is expected to increase in numbers. Where exactly are those children expected to play if this house-building plan gets the go ahead?

"This would also pose huge challenges for our road and transport networks, which also struggles to cope at the moment. There is no infrastructure planning to meet this supposed demand and that's why we're calling for these huge housing schemes to be scrapped."

Mabon ap Gwynfor, Plaid's Clwyd South candidate, added: "The council's original plan consulted extensively with people and found an overwhelming majority in favour of maintaining our green fields and only building on former industrial or retail sites. The directive from the Welsh Government would see Wrexham's boundaries expand significantly to both the east and west and see green fields that separate the town from surrounding villages effectively disappear."

The public meetings are open to all and will outline the proposals and how they can be opposed. The first is at 7.30pm at Parciau Community Centre in Bellevue Park, Wrexham, on Wednesday and the second is at St John's Church on Borras Road (next to the Spider Park) in Acton, Wrexham. For more information contact Carrie Harper on

• The full list of candidate sites is at and you have until April 1 to object or make comments to

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Jonezee said...

All this talk of more and more houses, but no mention of any schools, shops, doctors, dentists or clinics. Where are all the people in these new homes going to find doctors or dentists? It's difficult enough trying to find a doctor who is willing to take on new patients, and those who do, have unacceptable waiting lists for appointments, as with dentists also. The Maelor hospital is so crowded that the waiting time for treatment is unbelievable, and despite the extended car park it is impossible to find a space whether attending as a patient of a visitor.
Where will these people send their children to school? Where will they shop? It's a long way to the nearest shopping centre especially for older people with bags to carry home. This is a hair brain idea, which seems like little or no thought has gone into the planning. Typical of Wrexham Council. They have already granted permission for Moneypenny to build opposite the new Fire and Ambulance Station. This will cause chaos when they are all up and running at rush hour.