Thursday, 14 July 2016

Labour MP wants to shut down Welsh farming

 Ian Lucas, Wrecsam's appalling Labour MP, stands up in the House of Commons and calls to effectively shut down farming in upland Wales. He asks whether it’s possible, post-Brexit, to look at subsidies for “farming in Wales” and spend it ‘elsewhere’. Note that he is not targetting wealthy absentee landlords and the barley barons of East Anglia who rake in hundreds of thousands of pounds of Common Agricultural Policy funding but specifically Wales.
It’s estimated that 80% of family farms in upland Wales would close without these payments and it’s clear that, post-Brexit, Lucas would be happy to see them go to the wall and Wales become a green desert. The impact of losing thousands of jobs in rural communities, the impact on the wider economy, on the Welsh language and culture as well as the environment and the need for sustainable food production is incalculable. It’s a disgrace that he represents a Welsh constituency.

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