Thursday, 8 September 2016

Council opposes fire engine cuts plan

Caia Park Community Council has become the first local council to oppose plans to axe one of Wrexham's two fire engines.

The community council was particularly concerned that the ongoing problem of arson attacks in the area would only be made worse if there was reduced cover.

Councillor Carrie Harper, of Plaid Cymru, said: "If this happens and the one fire engine is sent out to an incident then what happens if there's a fire somewhere else? Response times will increase and that's quite scary."

Councillors unanimously supported the motion and agreed to contact other community councils in the area to support the opposition to the proposal.

“This council opposes North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority’s plan to save £1m by cutting 24 firefighters’ jobs and one of Wrexham’s two fire engines.
Wrexham’s fire services are already dealing with 43% of all North Wales arson and a large proportion of the road traffic accidents across the North. As community councillors, we are very aware of the work being done in terms of fire prevention that needs enhancing to pro-actively stop fires, but there will always be a need for a comprehensive emergency service that has the firefighters and appliances available to deal with any incident.
This proposal comes at a time when £15m has been spent on a brand new combined station in the town with the ambulance service.
This makes even less when you consider that the Welsh Government is anticipating a 20% rise in the borough’s population over the coming years and the new prison opens in 2017.
Both will inevitably mean more work for our fire service.
This council calls on the NWFRA to scrap its plan to cut Wrexham’s fire service and supports proper funding of this essential emergency service.

This council also resolves to ask other community councils in the Wrexham area to support the motion.”

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