Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Historic child sex abuse investigation in North Wales

In the wake of North Wales Police becoming involved in investigating historic child abuse allegations in sports clubs, Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, said:

“We must have complete transparency in any investigation into historic child sex abuse allegations in North Wales. Those investigations should be comprehensive and thorough to ensure that any victims have the confidence to come forward.
“It also reminds us of the need to continually strengthen advocacy services for children and young people in Wales. The Waterhouse inquiry back in 2000 highlighted how children had not been believed or listened to.
“Since then we have seen a succession of reports from Assembly committees and previous Children’s Comissioners raising concerns about the lack of advocacy services in Wales.
“The realisation of a national approach to statutory advocacy services is long overdue. It’s unacceptable that 16 years after the Waterhouse inquiry we’re still waiting and cases such as this should remind us all that whatever the practical challenges ensuring children have the support to speak out is paramount.”

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