Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Plaid police chief aims to break cycle of offending

‘65% of boys with fathers in jail offend’ – Arfon Jones

Plaid Cymru’s new North Wales Police Commissioner has set himself a series of challenging targets for his first term in office.

Arfon Jones, a former police inspector who was elected as Plaid Cymru’s first Police and Crime Commissioner with a 90,000-strong vote in May 2016, said his priorities would include tackling substance misuse, domestic abuse, modern slavery and greater transparency and answerability in the police force.

He was speaking at Plaid Cymru’s annual conference in Llangollen, where he revealed his determination to break the cycle of re-offending. Mr Jones said: “65% of boys whose father is in jail offend and children with imprisoned parents are twice as likely to suffer mental health problems and do less well in school.”

Partnership working to reduce re-offending by ensuring that ex-prisoners were successfully re-integrated into society was a priority, he said: “Although not directly a police matter, ensuring that former offenders don’t repeat their previous criminality is essential if we’re going to break the cycle and make our society safer. That also means using our £12m budget for reducing substance misuse across the North as wisely as possible.”

It’s also clear that parents who lose contact with their children after jail are more likely to re-offend. That’s why, he said, he was working with the new prison that opens in Wrexham next year to ensure the best possible support for the families of those in jail.

Mr Jones also said the four commissioners in Wales – two Plaid and two Labour – were united on the need to see criminal justice and policing devolved to Wales: “This has received a positive response from the First Minister and we now want to take matters forward.”

Among challenges for the future, he added, were cyber-crime and child sex exploitation. These were very much linked to technological advances and it was important for the police to move with society in that regard, so that frontline police were able to deal with issues out in the community rather than having to return to the police station to complete paperwork."

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Jack O'Rose said...

How refreshing to have an enlightened person guiding the NWP policies with consistency and assertiveness.
The public really need to back the Commissioner to ensure his vision is fulfilled !

Weel done - more of the same Commissioner !