Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Council shafts People's Market traders in u-turn

Plaid Cymru says: Stop wrecking Wrexham

Despite repeated assurances by this failing Wrexham Council, the People’s Market will close while construction takes place on converting the building into an Arts and Cultural Hub. It's a spectacular and embarrassing U-turn on previous assurances to traders and the public that work and trade would take place simultaneously.

Isobel Garner, Project Manager for the ‘regeneration of the People’s Market/Oriel Wrecsam’ (aka the Arts Hub conversion) was asked the direct question as to whether the People’s Market is closing after a lively discussion in the Town Centre Forum meeting this evening.

Ms Garner clarified that the frontage shops outside, car park and the ‘corridor’ areas would remain open, but the market hall would be closed for work with no traders remaining.

This completely contradicts previous promises that building work would continue alongside trading.
Any food and his dog knew that this was unrealistic to say the least and it has caused huge concerns among the traders.

Marc Jones, speaking for Plaid Cymru locally, said: 
"I know of at least one trader that won't be returning to the People's Market because of the disruption and uncertainty. Let's hope there aren't more.
 "This council is wrecking Wrexham - whether it's our markets, our historic buildings, our green fields that they want to concrete over or important public services like Plas Madoc. At every turn, this Tory/Independent coalition is wrecking our area and people should remember that when they turn out to vote next May in the council elections." 

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Alwyn Humphreys said...

Where in the name of common sense does this council get these half-baked ideas from ? FGS ! I really feel the whole group of "Directors' ' Consultants ' and such, should be summarily dismissed for gross incompetence, -. Incompetence is incompetence is incompetence! Enough is enough!

It is now clear that a serious percentage of these Councillors are simply not up to the job.The trail of woe they leave...is simply soul-destroying ! Party Politics is poisoning the system - toxic levels of Nepotism, intimidation manipu;ation of grass root opinions...the influence of unelected Party dinosaurs...Politics at its lowest form of life l! Repugnant, reprehensible, treacherous !!

People REALLY need to get to grips with who they vote for AND WHY ?