Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Plaid launches 'The change Wrexham needs' manifesto

A Plaid Cymru-led council in Wrexham pledges to deliver a council that works for local people, through ensuring a more transparent and listening leadership along with prioritising affordable housing and improving the town centre.

The pledges were made in the Party of Wales's local manifesto for the May council elections, which is published online today in a bid to reach as many people as possible.

The manifesto promises to build new council housing in Wrexham for the first time in a generation and bring empty properties back into use. It contrasts this the present council's plans to build 12,000 houses on greenfield sites and playing fields.

Plaid Cymru's Wrexham chair Marc Jones said:

"There are just over 100 days to go before Wrexham goes to the polls to choose a new council. We're ambitious for Wrexham and we know the people of Wrexham want - and deserve - much better from their council. This manifesto has a vision for a better place to live and work, it offers a clear choice: carry on as you are and keep voting the way you've been voting or vote for a change. 
"We don't believe this is as good as it gets. We believe our council should be listening to the people, should be more open and transparent in the way it does business and shouldn't be spending so much money on consultants who - on past performances - don't deliver."
 He added that there were 1800 people on the council's housing waiting list:

"We'll start to tackle this by building new council housing that people can afford to rent. We'll increase the number of empty properties - there are about 2500 across the borough - brought back into use and we'll stop the crazy plan to build thousands of unaffordable houses on greenfield sites and playing fields."
He added that the party would focus on improving Wrexham's town centre: 
"Like many town centres, Wrexham has been hit badly by the recession, changes in the way people shop and online shopping. Poor decisions by the council have made matters worse. Trialling free parking to encourage shoppers back into town, reducing rates for small and medium-sized businesses and listening to what retailers and shoppers want are all part of a package to ensure Wrexham is the shopping capital of north Wales. 
"Creating jobs and encouraging enterprise is also at the heart of making Wrexham a more prosperous place to live and the council has a key part to play in that. 
"We'll work with the police, health board and other agencies to make Wrexham a safer place to live. We want the council to play its part in reversing the negative perceptions of Wrexham and have pride in our borough.
"This is our vision and ambition for Wrexham's council elections. We believe we can restore confidence in a council that's lost its way and provide leadership. This present council has become too reliant on consultants. We won't get everything right all the time but we'll always work in the interests of the people of Wrexham.
"On May 4th, voters can choose change and we're publishing our manifesto online - the first time this has happened in Wrexham - so that people can make an informed decision."
Wrexham residents are encouraged to read and respond to the online manifesto by clicking here.

http://northwalesweb-001-site8.etempurl.com/ - English version

http://northwalesweb-001-site8.etempurl.com/cymraeg/ - Welsh version

Comments are welcomed at plaidwrecsam@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

Yes the town centre definitely needs help - the majority of the landlords who own these empty shops wont reduce their rents because that would reduce the size of their property portfolios they would rather they sit empty and unused.

Director of a voluntary group desperate TO FIND A HOME