Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Plaid pay pledge for councillors and top executives

'We want to lead by example'

Any Plaid Cymru councillors elected to Wrexham Council in the coming elections will refuse to take a pay rise.

The pledge was agreed at a meeting of the party's local candidates, who have agreed not to take any pay rise during their term of office.

In a statement Queensway candidate Carrie Harper said:

"We constantly hear how Wrexham Council is having to make difficult decisions due to a lack of money. If Plaid Cymru candidates are elected we've agreed not to take any pay rises so that more money can be spent on frontline services that this borough needs. Since 2012, there has been an extra £100,000 a year spent on paying councillors in Wrexham with the bulk of that going to pay the executive board members and committee chairs.
"As we see the council close day care centres to save £47,000 and cut funding for children's services, we're trying to show how we'd do things differently if we were in power. £100,000 a year can go a long way to maintaining key services."

The Party of Wales is also committed to capping highly paid executive pay. Ms Harper added:

"We want to close the gap between the highest paid and lowest paid within the council. As the council is closing down services, making staff redundant and reducing as a body, it seems right that we look closely at the amount we pay top executives. If there are cuts to have to be made, let's cut from the top down instead of constantly cutting frontline services.
"People are sick and tired of hearing how money is tight and cuts are inevitable, yet the people making those decisions never seem to suffer themselves. We want to lead by example and make sure we have a council everyone can be proud of again."

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