Sunday, 26 February 2017

Scrap plan for 12,000 homes for Wrexham

Picture: Plaid activists including Sarah Roberts (third from right) with party leader Leanne Wood (centre) and Llyr Gruffudd, Plaid Cymru's North Wales AM, protest at the Ruthin Road site near Ysgol Clywedog.

A plan for 12,000 new homes - including thousands on green fields and playing pitches - should be thrown out, according to Plaid Cymru.

The party's local council candidates have been campaigning against the council's Local Development Plan for the past year after it was announced that some of the new houses would be allowed on two huge new sites off the Ruthin Road and Cefn Road. The latter would see the town's rugby club disappear under a new housing estate of 1,500 homes.

Sarah Roberts, who is spearheading opposition to a 1,260-house development proposed for farmland between the Ruthin Road and Bersham as Plaid Cymru's council candidate for Brynyffynnon ward, said the high level of housing would stretch schools and health services to breaking point.

Ms Roberts, of the Homestead estate, said: 
"The Local Development Plan (LDP) should reflect local needs but it doesn't. It is plan that has been forced on Wrexham by the Cardiff Labour Government, which is insisting that Wrexham Council allows 12,000 new houses to be built over the coming decade to meet population predictions that have been proved inaccurate by the most recent Census.
"There is a need for housing in Wrexham to meet local need and Plaid Cymru aims to meet that need by ensuring that empty homes and brownfield sites are put to work. We will also build the first council houses in the borough in a generation.
"But these huge proposed developments go way beyond what's needed for the area and will mean that local roads, schools and GP practices will be overflowing. That's the problem with this plan - it only looks at how to enable developers to build homes rather than help communities grow organically and successfully. It's a flawed plan that will create huge soulless commuter estates along the A483 rather than boost our existing towns and villages."
Plaid candidates opposing the LDP were joined recently by party leader Leanne Wood on a visit to the Ruthin Road site.

Ms Roberts added: 
"Latest official figures show that the population for Wrexham is static rather than growing at the ridiculous rate forecast by the Labour Government - 20% by 2038. That's more than any county in Wales bar Cardiff and was 10 times higher than Flintshire. It's time to stop concreting over our green fields to make developers a quick buck. This is about the long-term future of our community and environment."

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