Sunday, 21 January 2018

All we want is a regular, reliable and affordable public transport system

Public transport in Wales is in a mess.

We have a Welsh Government committed to spending £1.5 billion on a stretch of the M4 to improve traffic flow around Newport yet we can't even get a bus to pick workers up from the largest industrial estate in Wales to get them back to Wrexham town centre between 5-6pm.

Prior to D Jones & Son withdrawing their services from Wrexham Industrial Estate to the town centre along with other services without notice last month. There had been three buses operating during that critical period. They would be full with standing-room only at times.

It beggars belief that this is not a commercial route for another company to operate successfully. It also exposes the failure of the free market to provide what people need - a regular, reliable and affordable public transport system.

Wrexham Council is given a pot of money from Welsh Government, frozen since 2012, to subsidise some services mainly to rural areas. That pot is diminishing with every year due to inflation.

So this important strategic route is left to wither on the vine because the Welsh Government has no strategy to get people to work by public transport.

Yet it is willing to spend £1 million on giving people free transport to the seaside at weekends - a laudable aim to encourage bus use but not exactly a priority when funding is so tight.

Similarly we see £50 million set aside for the grandiosely named North-east Wales Metro Service. In fact it's to better coordinate existing bus and train services in the region but the reality is that over the past couple of years bus services have been reducing as D Jones and Son and GHA Coaches have gone to the wall and not been fully replaced.

Better to focus on delivering much-needed strategic services to link communities and workplaces across north-east Wales rather than over-hyped stunts and billion-pound road schemes.

Please sign and share the petition to improve the public transport system to the industrial estate:

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