Thursday, 10 May 2018

Caia Council call for WCBC to axe Kingdom

Caia Park Community council tonight voted unanimously to ask Wrexham County Council not renew its contract with Kingdom Security, who currently issue Fixed Penalty notices for littering across the Borough.

Plaid Cymru Councillor Carrie Harper who proposed the move said: “We’re all hearing some very concerning stories about the way Kingdom are operating across Wrexham, particularly in the way vulnerable people are being targeted. Several Councillors tonight shared worrying stories about complaints they’ve had from residents about the way the firm is operating, with one complaining about a resident with learning difficulties being repeatedly targeted by a Kingdom officer.”

“Councillors were also concerned about the over reliance on fining people for cigarette litter, whilst dog fouling and fly tipping complaints continue to grow. The bottom line is that this contract is not delivering against the county councils original objectives, which were about making our streets cleaner. The unintended consequences and ineffectiveness of this contract now make it unsustainable in my view. It’s now time to review the County Councils strategy in terms of littering, with Plaid Cymru run Ynys Mon and Gwynedd councils recently scrapping Kingdom, it’s time Wrexham did the same. If that can’t be done immediately we should certainly not be looking to renew their contract when it expires next year. I’m very encouraged to see this proposal get unanimous support from Caia Park Community council and thank fellow local Councillors for their support and input tonight”.

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Anonymous said...

Love this but why weren't other areas involved as most would have backed this