Monday, 18 June 2018

Wrexham fire engine looks safe - for now

Today's meeting of the North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority has voted to consult on two options to maintain services:

1) Asking all six local councils to pay more
2) Ask all six local council to pay some more and also make 'internal cuts'.

This means that an earlier proposal to consult on cutting one of Wrexham's two whole-time fire engines and crew has been taken off the table. At least for the time being.

Plaid Cymru councillor Marc Jones, who spearheaded last year's campaign to save the engine, said:
"This is good news for Wrexham and the entire region. The second fire engine crews regularly cover for more rural stations as well as Wrexham and I think that's been recognised.
"It's important now that the Fire Authority is put on a more sustainable and secure financial footing. It's no good having this hand-to-mouth existence each year and that's why I'd favour moving to a separate precept as the police do. By doing that, taxpayers could clearly see what they were paying for rather than the Fire Authority having to go cap in hand to the councils each year.
"The Fire Authority's members have clearly understood the message that came from last year's campaign - Wrexham needs its fire crews and engines and the local population are behind our firefighters 100% in ensuring our town and surrounding areas are kept safe."

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