Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Kingdom binned by Wrexham Council

Late this afternoon WCBC issued a statement saying:

Wrexham Council has binned Kingdom. In a statement late this afternoon it said:

“Officers have written to Kingdom advising that the contract should be terminated in line with the provisions of the contract with three months’ notice. Kingdom have acknowledged receipt and the necessary arrangements are now commencing to arrange closedown of the systems and processes and new enforcement activity has ceased. The contract cessation date is 28 December 2018.”

It has also been admitted that Kingdom have issued no tickets in August and September, confirming our suspicions that the company has effectively pulled out of North Wales completely.

Councillor Marc Jones, leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Wrexham Council, said: “This is long overdue. Kingdom did not ensure our streets were cleaner, they did not tackle dog fouling or flytipping.

“Since July the company has all but vanished - raising questions about how this contract was managed. Plaid Cymru pushed for the Executive Board to get rid of this company in July so we’re glad they finally listened to sense.

“The challenge now is to create an in-house service or work with other councils to make sure our streets are cleaner. Today’s Executive Board agreed to set up a new bailiff service in house and a separate litter enforcement team would be no different in terms of risk and potential income generation.”

Cllr Jones thanked everyone for their work to bin Kingdom in Wrexham, the last Council in north Wales still employing the firm.

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