Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Why is Wrexham Council planning to 'gift' land to Glyndwr University?

News that Wrexham Council plans to "gift" land to help Glyndwr University push forward a housing development on Dean Road in the town has been described as "incredible" by Plaid Cymru spokesperson Carrie Harper.

She said: 
"The matter was raised by local councillor Mike Davies at Acton Community Council last night. The piece of land at Dean Road is publicly owned by the people of Wrexham, the council's Executive Board has a duty to act in all of our best interests and it's very difficult to understand how giving away a public asset to facilitate a private housing developer fulfils that duty in any way, shocking. It's incredible that, at a time when the council leadership says it's got no money, the council is proposing to give land away to Glyndwr University to help it make money from this housing development.  
"I'd like to know more about this gifting and wonder whether the council's Executive Board, which will discuss the matter next month, has managed to get any concessions from the University in response. As ever, the Executive Board is running the show and failing to keep elected members in the loop."

Glyndwr University is bringing forward plans to build 70 houses on playing fields at Dean Road later this summer. It does not own all the site, which is currently accessible via council-owned land, and local objections spearheaded by local Rhosnesni councillor Mike Davies to the loss of playing fields have already been made.

Cllr Harper added: 

"The Tory-Independent Executive Board is effectively throwing its support behind this housing development if it gifts the land to the University. Rhosnesni, like many other parts of Wrexham, suffers from a lack of Public Open Spaces and building on one of the few remaining playing fields - which is well used - would go against the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act as well as the council's own policy on Public Open Space."

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