Wednesday, 12 May 2021

North Wales Crusaders left out in the cold over sporting pilots

Plaid MS demands answers from First Minister

Plaid Cymru's North Wales MS is asking for an explanation as to why the Crusaders rugby league club was not part of the trial to open events up to the public.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru MS for North Wales, said he was stunned that no event in the North had been considered as part of the pilot for open-air events. He said representations from supporters of both the North Wales Crusaders and Wrexham AFC had meant he had contacted First Minister Mark Drakeford for an explanation.

He said: 
"I gather the club, now based at Eirias Park after moving from Wrexham, was one of two in the North that applied for the pilot scheme. They were not included on the list announced yesterday by the Welsh Government and I want to know why.

"It's good to see the gradual unlocking of events in the wake of the pandemic but it beggars belief that this Labour government would, once again, be tone deaf towards the wishes of clubs in the North.

"That's why I've written to the First Minister to ask - Why haven't the Crusaders and Wrexham AFC been allowed to participate?"

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Hundreds sign petition calling for fans' return to The Racecourse

Wrexham fans are flocking to sign a petition demanding that the Welsh Government allows fans in The Racecourse before the end of this football season. The petition launched by Plaid Cymru locally has already been signed by hundreds of fans and states:
We, the undersigned, call on the Welsh Government to allow fans into The Racecourse on May 18th for the game v Notts County. Other football games involving Swansea and Newport County are being permitted to admit fans as well as other open-air events - all South of the M4 - as part of the unlocking, so why not one in the North?
Plaid Cymru's Councillor Carrie Harper, who organised the petition, said: "All we want is a bit of fair play for the North - the Welsh Government has announced these pilots for open-air events, which is very welcome, but they're all south of the M4. Why on earth are we still having to battle for a bit of chwarae teg and to allow at least some Wrexham fans to watch their team before the end of the season?

"We have two local Labour MSs as ministers in this government and it's very disappointing that they didn't make the case for the North in this list of events. So it looks like we'll have to keep the pressure up and try to make sure fans up here get a chance to see our team before the season's end. I'd urge all fans to sign our petition so that we can show the strength of feeling here to get fans back into The Racecourse before the end of the season."

Monday, 3 May 2021

'Independence is the only way to beat the Tories' - Former Labour candidate joins Plaid Cymru over Tory rule in Westminster

A former Labour candidate for the Senedd has quit his party and joined Plaid Cymru to oppose Tory rule in Westminster.

Eifion Williams, of Bwlchgwyn, said he left Labour in despair at a UK solution to the cronyism of the Tory government: 
“I was a member of the Labour Party since 1989 after seeing my father in pain every night waiting for a heart operation. The cross-party consensus in the UK, to respect the health service, has been scrapped for good. Devolution as it currently stands simply won't take the strain of Tory Governments in Westminster attacking our health service in Wales. I don't want to have to fight Westminster every 20 years to wrestle our health service back; I want something more stable when our lives are at stake.

“Wales wants to be a team player, on its own terms, by having an independence referendum, that’s all.

"We need to admit where real division is coming from rather than to point the finger at Wales for wanting a full democracy. It’s the current UK - a UK of cronyism, of being isolated in the world, of spending billions on weapons, of now pushing a one-size-fits-all culture that dismisses all else with distain - that fills me with fear.

"With 54% of Labour supporters in Wales now supporting independence, they’re seeing the distinction. If we’re to stop Wales from getting bullied in Boris’s Brexit Britain over the next five years, the political landscape has to change on Thursday, that’s why Wales now needs to vote Plaid on Thursday."
Mr Williams stood for Labour in Aberconwy in 2011 and Caernarfon in 1997 and has been a long-standing and respected activist in the party.

He added: 
“Like or loathe, the Corbyn period taught us one thing in Wales: The powers that be said loudly and clearly 'don't even think about a more radical agenda within the context of the United Kingdom, you’re never going to have it'. We got that message plain and clear. As Wales has never voted for the Tories in its history, an independence referendum will allow the democratic will of Wales to be realised at every election.

“The UK was always run by Etonians but now, there's no stopping them. If you’ve voted against that over the years, you should now be working for an independent Wales as we’ve never voted Tory, not once."
His message was welcomed by Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru's candidate in Clwyd South: 
"Eifion is a much respected environmental and community campaigner in the area and throughout Wales and I'm very pleased to welcome him on board. It's a symptom of a far wider trend of former Labour activists and supporters coming over to Plaid Cymru in this area and I'm delighted to welcome him on board."
Join Plaid Cymru here 

Monday, 12 April 2021

Plans for flat with no bedroom window deferred

Wrexham Council's planning committee has tonight deferred making a decision about new flats, one of which had no bedroom window.

Wrexham town centre is undergoing a transformation in terms of urban living as landlords look to repurpose redundant or empty retail and office space.

That's not a problem if done in a way that enhances the town, provides good-quality accommodation for people to live.

But the planning application for five flats at 43 King Street included a flat with no bedroom window, some windows opening out above the bins and another window looks out on a wall less than three metres away is not good-quality accommodation. This goes against local planning guidance note 21.

Cllr Marc Jones, whose Grosvenor ward includes King St, said: "We’re seeing more and more of these schemes coming forward in the town centre, some imaginative and providing much-needed accommodation. But in some cases landlords seem intent on squeezing as many people as possible into these spaces - that may be in their interests but it’s not in the interests of their tenants or the town as a whole.

"If we ignore guidelines - which are there for a reason - then we’re on a very slippery slope.

"In this specific case, there is no outdoor amenity, again contrary to planning guidance.

"These new King St residents would be expected to use Llwyn Isaf for amenity. This is the only green space available for the hundreds of new town-centre residents. There will be no outdoor space so where are clothes dried or bikes parked and people able to sit outside?

"Finally, there are only 2 parking spaces provided for 5 flats. This ignores the reality that people need cars to get to work and visit friends and family, because of public transport is so inadequate. It just means people in these new flats would turn to nearby residential streets for their parking.

"Any thoughtful town-centre redevelopment needs to preserve and enhance the best features of our town while responding to changing demands. Yes, office space and shops are reducing in number.

"The town-centre Task and Finish group, which starts deliberating this week, will hopefully see the need to ensure stricter planning guidelines - especially regarding space, amenity and minimum parking.

"Living in the town centre should not mean inferior or inadequate housing."

The committee decided to defer the application to allow concerns about the hazard of a windowless bedroom to be discussed further.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Maesydre by-election win for Becca and Plaid a 'stunning breakthrough'

Plaid Cymru's by-election win in Wrexham's Maesydre ward has been hailed as a "stunning breakthrough".

Newly elected Councillor Becca Martin, who beat Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat opponents, said: 
"I'm really grateful that the people of Maesydre have put their faith in me. There's a lot of work to do now in terms of improving both the Maesydre area and the wider county borough - I can't wait to get started. I'm particularly thankful to everyone who publicly backed me in the election and for the Plaid Cymru team who helped make this a success. 

"Maesydre will now have a voice in the Guildhall and I look forward to being able to meet and represent everyone in the area over the coming months."
Councillor Marc Jones, who heads up the Plaid Cymru group on Wrexham Council, said: 
"It's a stunning breakthrough in a ward Plaid has never contested before. Becca was an excellent candidate and will be a valuable addition to the Plaid Wrecsam team on the council. It's great that a young woman has been elected as we urgently need to rebalance the council to better represent the population it serves.

"There aren't enough women or younger people on the council and I hope Becca's election will encourage others to come forward to stand in the 2022 elections. Plaid now has a majority of women councillors locally and this victory for Becca a real step in the right direction.

"Coupled with Phil Rees's by-election win a year ago in Gwersyllt North, we're now seeing Plaid emerging as a genuine contender for power in Wrexham ahead of both Labour and Tory. Whether that's in May's Senedd election or the full council elections in a year's time, we're gearing up for the challenge."



'What took you so long?' - Plaid questions long-overdue investment in Wrexham Gateway by Welsh Government

Plaid Cymru has questioned why it's taken so long for the Welsh Government to announce funding for the Wrexham Gateway project.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru's North Wales MS, said:

"Any investment into the capital of north Wales is very welcome and this is a step in the right direction.
"However, Welsh Government funding to regenerate the main gateway into Wrexham is long overdue and this is the latest in a long line of vague promises dating back over two decades to develop the Racecourse.

"We've been promised this development time after time by successive Labour governments (this from 2006) and we're now asked to believe that a major but unspecified investment is forthcoming with just six weeks to go before a vital election. Plaid Cymru's advocacy of a redeveloped Racecourse with proper Welsh Government funding has been long-standing and consistent. Labour has had to be dragged to the table on this matter by the fans, the football club and other local partners.

"I was proud to host an information session for members in the Senedd where directors of both Glyndwr University and Wrexham AFC presented their vision for the Racecourse in October 2017. It's great that we're seeing progress on that vision for the town but it's long overdue. Wrexham deserves far better than this."
Councillor Carrie Harper, who has led the local campaign for Welsh Government funding for the Racecourse regeneration, said:
"What took them so long? Back in 2019 there were promises but no funding so we launched a campaign locally to make sure north Wales got its fair share of Welsh Government funding.

"It's a cynical move to announce this just a few weeks before an election, knowing that thousands of Wrexham fans are desperate to see a four-sided stadium again and on the back of revived fortunes for the club on and off the pitch. Labour has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to make this announcement and I don't think anyone's fooled by the timing.

"North Wales has lost out consistently under this Labour Government and we need to change the government if we're to move forward here in Wrexham."

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Call to make Wrexham underpass safe

The underpass linking the old Groves school site to the centre of Wrexham should be made safe with better lighting and security.

That's the view of Maesydre council candidate Becca Martin, who is contesting the county council by-election for the area on March 18th.

Becca, who is standing as Plaid Cymru's candidate, said: 
"The underpass was closed for some time due to safety concerns. It's now been opened again but it's a very unwelcoming route, especially for women on their own. As we emerge from the pandemic over the coming months, I think we need to see it better security to enable people to get across the road more safely.

"In normal times, Powell Road is a very busy four-lane road and difficult for anyone with mobility issues or pushing a buggy to cross safely. There have been accidents and my priority is to ensure everyone in the area is safe and feels secure.

"The underpass needs work before it's fully functioning again. My suggestion is for a community-led clean-up, improved security lighting and - crucially - CCTV to provide reassurance for people using the path. I'm hopeful that such a strategy would gain the support of local residents, the community council and county council to improve active travel and road safety in the area.

"Neighbouring community councils have installed mobile CCTV units in hotspots for a few thousand pounds and I've been informed that Lidl has committed to pay £3,500 towards improvements to the underpass. As it's Wrexham Council property I would expect them to make up any shortfall.

"I've spoken to residents who are keen to use the underpass but don't feel safe, so it's a matter of coordinating work with the council and wider community. Maesydre needs to be better connected with the town centre and this will be a help."

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Budget 2021: Survival of hospitality sector must be a priority – Plaid Cymru

Ben Lake MP urges Chancellor to extend support for hospitality to 2022


Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Ben Lake MP, has today urged the Chancellor to prioritise the survival of the hospitality sector in the 2021 Budget, by extending the furlough scheme and maintaining the lowered rate of VAT for the sector. A failure to do so would “not only deal a blow to the sector but also to the wider Welsh economy”, according to the Plaid Cymru MP.


The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak is to set out the UK Government’s budget on Wednesday 3 March, almost a year since the last Budget on 11 March 2020.


Of each UK country and English region, Wales has the highest proportion of total jobs in the hospitality sector (8.5%) relative to total employment, employing over 123,000 people.


To help the hospitality industry over coming months, the Ceredigion MP called on the Chancellor to extend the furlough scheme “for as long as Welsh Government restrictions require it”, reiterating his party’s view that financial support should be provided in accordance with devolved regulations rather than decided unilaterally by the Westminster government.


He also called on the Chancellor to extend the lowered rate of VAT at 5% for hospitality and tourism for a year to March 2022. Plaid Cymru had welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement in July 2020 to set a lowered rate of VAT for hospitality and tourism – a longstanding Plaid Cymru policy – and are now urging the Chancellor to continue this policy.

At a crucial stage of the pandemic, Mr Lake said that “we cannot afford to throw away successes by prematurely ending much-needed financial lifelines to small businesses across Wales.”


Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Ben Lake MP said:


“Thousands of jobs in Welsh pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants are at risk this Spring, when several support programmes are due to come to an end. 123,000 people in Wales are employed in the hospitality sector – that’s around 8.5% of total employment. A failure to support hospitality on 3 March will not only deal a blow to the sector but also to the wider Welsh economy.


“We in Plaid Cymru are therefore calling for an extension of the furlough scheme for as long as Welsh Government restrictions require it. We are also calling on the Chancellor to extend the lowered rate of VAT for hospitality and tourism for a year to March 2022. Firms must be given the chance to get back on their feet, and should therefore benefit from at least one summer earnings season and return to profitability.


“The economic impact is likely to be felt for years to come, with businesses facing mounting debt and taxes. I therefore urge the Chancellor to set out a sustainable repayment programme for hospitality businesses, to allow staggered payments over a period of time, rather than as lump payments.


“The pandemic has been a nightmare for most businesses – but the end is in sight. We cannot afford to throw away successes by prematurely ending much-needed financial lifelines to small businesses across Wales.”


Tuesday, 2 February 2021

'Freeze Council Tax with unspent funds' – Plaid Cymru sets out plans for reform

Average Wrexham Band D would save almost £100

Council Tax would be frozen under plans unveiled today by Plaid Cymru. For taxpayers in Wrexham, where Council Tax is set to rise by 6.95% this coming year, that could mean savings of almost £100 a year for a Band D property.

Plaid Cymru's North Wales MS Llyr Gruffydd said it was time people in areas such as Wrexham had a break after a series of above-inflation rises in their Council Tax:
"This plan would give hard-pressed citizens a break after such a tough time economically - many have had to contend with losing a fifth of their wages while on furlough and, in some cases for the self-employed or for small businesses, things have been far worse.

"A freeze on Council Tax rises next year will help residents across north Wales."
Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price MS set out his party’s commitment to reform council tax should it win May’s election, urging the current Welsh Government to use its unspent funds to immediately freeze the tax in the meantime.

Referring to the £800 million of unspent funding in this year’s Welsh Government budget, Adam Price MS used today’s First Minister’s Questions in the Senedd to point out that it would cost £100 million to allow Welsh councils to freeze council tax and offset last year’s average 4.8% rise.

Citing the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ description of Wales’s council tax system as “out of date, regressive and distortionary”, Mr Price set out Plaid Cymru’s commitment to making council tax fairer and more progressive, adding that under such proposals 20% of households on the lowest incomes would see savings of at least £200.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price MS said:
“Any talk of the pandemic as the great leveller has been completely debunked by the harsh reality facing thousands of families in Wales.

“Citizens Advice Cymru have found that Welsh families have been hit by a total of £73 million of arrears due to struggling with rent, energy bills or council tax over the last year. £13 million relates specifically to Council Tax arrears.

“That is why I have urged the Labour Welsh Government to use £100 million of its £800 million unspent funds to freeze council tax right away, making up for last year’s average rise of 4.8%.

“A Plaid Cymru government would go further and reform council tax to make it fairer and more progressive. We will undertake a revaluation, increase the number of bands at the higher end of household evaluations, and ensure that council tax is more proportional to the value of properties.

“We expect that under our proposals 20% of households in the bottom fifth of income distribution will see their council tax fall by more than £200.

"As stated by the Institute of Fiscal Studies which describes Wales’s current council tax model as “out of date, regressive and distortionary”, making council tax proportional to up-to-date values would lead to average bills falling by more than £160 in Merthyr Tydfil, Neath Port Talbot and Blaenau Gwent.

“This would be a fairer system by far than what Labour has left in place for too long.”

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Town centre businesses launch fundraiser to thank Maelor staff

Businesses in Wrexham town centre have come together to try to raise £2000 to purchase treats for NHS staff at Wrexham Maelor hospital. The initiative is the brainchild of staff from Martin Rees Jewellers on Chester Street but other local businesses have quickly come on board in order to thank the 2,500 staff at the hospital for all their hard work during the pandemic.

Becca Martin who is helping to organise the Hugs for Heroes effort

The initiative is called ‘Hugs for Heroes’ and gem expert Becca Martin, who works at the Jewellers, explained how it will work:

She said: 
“This idea initially came from Ruth Rees at a staff meeting. We wanted to arrange treats for key workers and decided to start with our wonderful staff at the Maelor. Each gift box is going to contain some special treats and a thank-you card designed just for them by local artist Emma Parish.

"Our NHS staff are simply amazing and are under more pressure than ever given the current situation with Covid in Wrexham. We know they’re exhausted and stressed but are still doing everything they can for our communities. We believe every single member of staff, from cleaners to consultants, deserve our thanks and appreciation. This is a small gesture in comparison to what they’re doing for all of us but we hope it helps to lift their spirits.

“ Of course we need your help to make this happen, so I’d appeal to people locally to chip in whatever they can to support our wonderful NHS heroes.”

People can donate online at:

The initiative also has a Facebook page called Hugs for Heroes Wrexham.

Becca added: 
“A special thanks also has to go to other local businesses and volunteers who have come on board to help make this happen. I’d like to express a massive thanks to:
Josh Green: JDG Creative
Jacqui Blore: Piccolos Music and The Story Teller and Piccolos Crafts
Julia Chaplin: Ellis Chaplin Limited
What A Sweet Shop – Treat Delivery (want people’s names to remain anonymous)
Ruth and Martin Rees, Becca Martin and Lisa McGarett: Martin Rees Jeweller Pawnbroker
Emma Jones: Emma’s Miniature Gifts
Bobbi Cockcroft"

Hidden poverty and the importance of the £20 uplift

by Cllr Carrie Harper

The hidden poverty crisis growing in Welsh communities and why it was vital the keep the £20 benefits uplift

Covid is pushing more and more Welsh families into poverty, many are experiencing extreme hardship for the first time and charities fear they will not be able to cope with additional demand if existing support is reduced.

Claims for Universal Credit have surged across the UK from 3 million in March 2020 to 5.8 million by November of last year. Many families have had no other option but to apply for the benefit, particularly if they’ve been self-employed for less than three years and don’t qualify for other support schemes.

Universal Credit recipients have been receiving an additional £20 ‘uplift’ per week because of the pandemic which is due to end in April next year. A vote in the Commons tonight saw the Tories pressed to extend the scheme described by many as a lifeline. They abstained on the vote, no doubt having been burned by the backlash to their stance on free school meals in England but the issue will inevitably be back on the table soon.

Research by Wales Fiscal Analysis found that ending the temporary uplift could leave over a third of Welsh households, excluding pensioners, more than £1,000 worse off annually.

As a County Councillor I’ve worked with local food charities in Wrexham since the introduction of Universal Credit locally in 2017. I’ve been speaking to them about the impact Covid has had on their work and why they believe taking away the £20 uplift would be disastrous.

A spokesperson from the Given to Shine charity, who I’ve worked particularly closely with, told me what it’s been like on the front line of the pandemic and explained that they are now working with many new people and are currently feeding about 1500 families a week across Wrexham and Flintshire.

The spokesperson said: 
“Demand for our support has soared since the Coronavirus pandemic, however, we’ve noticed a dramatic drop in requests from people on Universal Credit due to the £20 rise. Since April around 95% of requests have been new, from working households; citing, in particular, self employed financial delays, furlough leading to a 20% income reduction, yet increased food and utility bills, and people now on reduced hours to meet workplace Covid regs as the cause of their financial insecurity.

"Previously, requests predominantly due to UC delays were a common theme, transitions and recalculations in both working and non working also cropped up frequently. The £20 extra per week has seemingly provided recipients with the means required to both eat and heat their households.

"Many of the new people contacting us have lived relatively comfortably for years and as a result, have high outgoings - finance products, credit cards, phone contracts, cars on finance (with huge fines if you break the contract!) so are juggling which bills can be delayed and which are essential, with many having little to nothing left for food. Even the lucky ones who had savings 10 months ago are increasingly finding that their savings have long gone, or are drying up.

"Furlough is equally as difficult for many, with people just staying afloat on minimum wage jobs now receiving 20% less, and this time of year they don’t have the ability to turn the heat off all day whilst they work and the kids are in school. The kids are bored so want to snack more and there’s the increased cost of more meals at home. Both of these groups of people are left with only one pot of money to cut back on and sadly that’s the grocery fund because they cannot risk eviction by withholding rent or their mortgage, court by withholding council tax, having their gas and electricity cut off by skipping those bills, or huge fines by breaking contracts for credit products.

"It’s a shocking situation and takes hidden poverty to a completely new level, we’re helping people who have really nice houses, nice cars, but no food and all the lights off to save on the electricity. If the £20 uplift were to stop, I don’t think we’d be able to cope with the demand that would create.”

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Arriva bus services suspended

Call for temporary services to industrial estate and hospital 

In the wake of Arriva's cancellation of bus services in the Wrexham area due to a Covid-19 outbreak among drivers in its Wrexham depot, Plaid Cymru's Councillor Carrie Harper has made a plea for essential services to the industrial estate and hospital to be maintained. She said:
"Councillors were informed at 7pm tonight (Tuesday) that Arriva services were suspended on all but a few routes. That leaves key workers, including hospital staff, as well as those who have to attend hospital with very little alternative. 
"As this firebreak at Wrexham depot is likely to last at least 10 days, I'm calling on the Welsh Government and Wrexham Council to work together to provide an alternative temporary service with another bus company. 
"A shuttle service to the industrial estate and to the hospital from King Street is a bare minimum to ensure that workers and hospital staff can get to work safely. The timing of this announcement is very unfortunate, to say the least, but hopefully some services to these key destinations can be reinstated quickly."

Service 1 villages along the Chester Road corridor will have an hourly service 

Service 2/2A/2C Cefn Mawr & Oswestry buses will continue to operate, so this will serve Cefn Mawr, Plas Madoc, Ruabon, and B5605 via Johnstown, Rhostyllen. 

Service 3 & 4 Rhos, Ponciau & Penycae – No services 

Service 5 Llangollen, Villages on B5605 Rhostyllen, Johnstown main road, Ruabon, Acrefair & Trevor will have hourly service. Also T3 Traws Cymru continues to operate along this route. 

Service 7 & 8 Caia Park – No Service 

Service 11 Minera village – No Service in Minera. Service X51 will continue to operate along main A525 Bwlchgwyn, Coedpoeth, Southsea. 

Service 12/A & 14 Brymbo, Tanyfron, Brynteg. Lodge – No Service. Southsea & New Broughton can use Service X51 

Service 21 Summerhill no service. 

Service 27 Mold No Service - Alternative is M&H Coaches service 29 

Service 33 Llay, Bradley – No Service 

Service 35 Plas Golbourne – No Service 

Service 41A Industrial Estate & Queensway area – No Service 

Service X51 via Southsea, Coedpoeth, Bwlchgwyn will continue to operate 

Other communities who are served by buses from other operators (Lloyds Coaches, Tanat Valley, Pats Coaches, Wrexham Taxis, Valentine Travel, Stagecoach, M&H Coaches, Llew Jones) remain unaffected.

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

'Wales can lead the way on greener, cleaner products'

Wales can lead in terms of recycling and innovative green products. That's the view of a new company that's developed and produces a recyclable paper cup at its Wrexham factory. Frugalpac, based on Wrexham Industrial Estate, was created three years ago and has pioneered a paper cup that can be recycled fully rather than face being landfilled. The company's managing director Malcolm Waugh met Plaid Cymru's North Wales MS Llyr Gruffydd and local Plaid Cymru councillor Carrie Harper to show them the products they are making. Mr Waugh said:
"Our innovative cups are low carbon, easily recycled and therefore avoid going to landfill like more conventional paper cups. We have also developed a 'paper' wine bottle that has 1/6th of the energy needed to create a conventional wine bottle and can also be recycled. "We’re motivated by a passion to protect our environment. Our already recycled, recyclable products will help to eliminate the insane levels of waste that exist in society today."
Frugalpac's wine bottles use 94% recycled paper and Mr Waugh commented that "Wales is good at recycling paper." Regarding the company's wine bottles, he added:
“It’s much lighter than glass, easier to transport and friendlier to the planet. Just as important, the wine still tastes as wonderful in a paper bottle as it does in glass."
The company wants to expand into making yoghurt and noodle pots as part of its growth plans. Mr Gruffydd said:
"Wales is doing well in terms of recycling and reducing our landfill but, as always, we can and must do better. "That's why it's heartening to hear positive comments from new and innovative companies such as Frugalpac, which we must nurture and support if we're serious about a zero-waste future. "As well as the environmental benefits this can also help us rebuild a different kind of post-Covid economic model. We should be aiming to build on this and create new industries and jobs that help create a greener, cleaner Wales. "Reducing landfill is something I'm particularly interested in as we have all seen the consequences of that with the Hafod landfill fire earlier this year."
Cllr Carrie Harper added:
"It's great to see innovation happening on our doorstep here in Wrexham. With the right political will, we have seen what can be done in terms of reducing landfill and Wrexham Council is showing the way in that respect. "Much more needs to be done and being able to recycle more products that we currently throw away after a single use has to be a good thing."

Monday, 21 December 2020

Rival candidate: "I'm backing Becca" for Maesydre


Becca Martin, Plaid Cymru

Aimi Waters

A former Liberal Democrat candidate has backed Plaid Cymru’s Becca Martin in the forthcoming Maesydre by-election.

Aimi Waters stood for the Liberal Democrats in Maesydre in 2017 but has now declared her support for Becca in next year's by-election in the ward. The seat is vacant after the resignation of the previous councillor.

Aimi said: 
“Wrexham needs change. Wrexham needs people who have its best interests at heart and people who are not afraid to break down barriers and go against what’s always been considered the norm.  
“That’s why in this election, I’m showing my support for Becca Martin.
“Becca will be a strong voice for Maesydre; someone who I believe will stand up for the issues that matter in the area and will make sure she is heard.
“I urge you to lend Becca your vote and make change happen; Make Maesydre matter.”
In response Becca Martin said: 
“I’m very grateful for the support I’m getting from voters and Aimi’s backing is really appreciated. She was a strong candidate in 2017 and I will do my best to repay that support by being a strong voice for Maesydre.

“The sudden lockdown has prevented us from going out and leafleting as planned over the weekend, but anyone who wants a chat or to raise any issues can get in touch with me on 07845811929 or by clicking here to e-mail.”

Monday, 14 December 2020

Timing couldn't be better for a new football museum for Wrexham

Plans for a National Football Museum for Wales in Wrexham are a step closer after the Welsh Government agreed to fund the scheme in the town's museum.

The move has been welcomed by Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru's North Wales MS, who launched the campaign for a Wrexham-based national museum five years ago.

Mr Gruffydd, who will contest Clwyd South for Plaid Cymru in next year's election, said: 
"This has been something we in Plaid Cymru have pushed for a long time and it's good to see it come to fruition as a result of our pressure on the Welsh Government. Our original call for a national football museum in Wrexham was met with some initial scepticism but the campaign won the doubters over.

"We're grateful for the initial support from Wrexham Supporters' Trust and its then chair Pete Jones, who was there at the launch in December 2015. Back then we had to convince people that we needed a football museum, that it should be in Wrexham and that it should be at a revamped Racecourse ground. Eventually, as part of a budget agreement with the Welsh Government, Plaid Cymru was able to get the funding needed for this project to go ahead.

"We won the arguments with the first two elements but the new museum will be housed in Wrexham's county museum - perhaps in years to come it can be relocated to the Racecourse as the Kop End gets redeveloped. We'll see what happens when the new owners take over - perhaps it will be part of their plans."
Councillor Carrie Harper, who also attended the Racecourse launch five years ago, added:
"Wrexham is the spiritual home of Welsh football - this is where the Football Association of Wales was created and early internationals played. We've got a tremendous history to tell through the generations right up to the present day - everyone's looking forward to next year's Euros as Wales goes from strength to strength and more locally the town buzzing with news of new owners.

"Wrexham council owns one of the largest collections of Welsh football memorabilia and this is a great opportunity to showcase that. I can't think of a better time to open the new museum."