Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Plaid Cymru highlights UK Government inaction over deaths in Gaza

Jonathan Edwards MP recommends diplomatic efforts to the Foreign Office

Plaid Cymru has highlighted the UK Government’s failure to act in condemnation of the killing of 55 Palestinians by the Israeli armed forces on Monday 14th May.

The opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem  following the decision taken by President Trump saw the most violent day in Gaza for four years, with over 2,000 protesters being injured, including over 1,000 protesters injured by live ammunition.

Plaid Cymru’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP highlighted the actions of the South African and Irish Governments in response to the conflict, with South Africa recalling their ambassador to Israel and Ireland summoning the Israeli ambassador. Responding in the urgent debate, Jonathan Edwards MP asked: “Is the British Government considering either diplomatic route?”

Commenting after the debate, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP, Jonathan Edwards said:

“Our thoughts are with all of those Palestinians whose family and friends have been killed and injured.

“Palestinian people have a fundamental right to demonstrate without being shot at with live ammunition. As the occupying power, it is the Israeli Government’s duty to respect the human rights of civilians.

“With the United States abdicating all responsibility for leading peace efforts, the rest of the international community must quickly determine how to fill the void otherwise violence could quickly spiral into a more prolonged and open conflict.

“The UK Government cannot continue to simply remain silent on the systematic abuses in the occupied Palestinian territories. Bold diplomatic action is required urgently.

“The British Government has a range of options at its disposal. Along with recalling the UK Ambassador to Israel and summoning the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, this government must push for a UN resolution calling for a full, independent investigation into the conflict. This is the very least the UK Government can do.

“Most importantly, this government must suspend the sale of arms to Israel with immediate effect. It is no use issuing statements condemning violence whilst simultaneously supplying the weapons to facilitate this.

“Whilst the UK-based arms companies continue to ammunition to Israel, the British Government shamelessly profits from the mass murder of Palestinians.”

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