Sunday, 21 February 2021

Call to make Wrexham underpass safe

The underpass linking the old Groves school site to the centre of Wrexham should be made safe with better lighting and security.

That's the view of Maesydre council candidate Becca Martin, who is contesting the county council by-election for the area on March 18th.

Becca, who is standing as Plaid Cymru's candidate, said: 
"The underpass was closed for some time due to safety concerns. It's now been opened again but it's a very unwelcoming route, especially for women on their own. As we emerge from the pandemic over the coming months, I think we need to see it better security to enable people to get across the road more safely.

"In normal times, Powell Road is a very busy four-lane road and difficult for anyone with mobility issues or pushing a buggy to cross safely. There have been accidents and my priority is to ensure everyone in the area is safe and feels secure.

"The underpass needs work before it's fully functioning again. My suggestion is for a community-led clean-up, improved security lighting and - crucially - CCTV to provide reassurance for people using the path. I'm hopeful that such a strategy would gain the support of local residents, the community council and county council to improve active travel and road safety in the area.

"Neighbouring community councils have installed mobile CCTV units in hotspots for a few thousand pounds and I've been informed that Lidl has committed to pay £3,500 towards improvements to the underpass. As it's Wrexham Council property I would expect them to make up any shortfall.

"I've spoken to residents who are keen to use the underpass but don't feel safe, so it's a matter of coordinating work with the council and wider community. Maesydre needs to be better connected with the town centre and this will be a help."

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